#1 Paul Moore- Finding Real Estate Assets That Produce Income

“True wealth, I believe, are assets that produce income.” – Paul Moore

Today I am interviewing Paul Moore who is an investor, author and educator. Paul has presented at my Pasadena FIBI meeting and is a world class real estate investor and educator. He is a renaissance man and a good friend.

Paul Moore: has his BA in engineering and MBA from Ohio State. He has successfully managed and rehabbed 40+ properties and completed investments and exits over 85 real estate deals. Paul is the author of The Perfect Investment, which spells out everything you need to know about apartment investing.  He is the Managing Partner at Wellings Capital, the co-host of the How to Lose Money  podcast and a contributor.

  • How Paul got started in real estate
  • Why assets are the key to true wealth 
  • What is the perfect investment?
  • Why he pivoted from investing in commercial multifamily to investing in self storage and mobile home parks
  • How Paul fights human trafficking, modern slavery, and why you should too
  • Who is George Müller and how he helped Paul out of debt and more

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Find out more about Paul here: 

Website Wellings Capital

Twitter @PaulMooreInvest

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