#10 Christina Suter- Mindset: Find Success by Accepting Who You Are

“You gain self confidence because you learn the truth of who you are and you accept and make that truth of who you are successful” -Christina Suter


Today I am talking about mindset and how accepting yourself is a gateway to becoming successful. One of the myths adopted by society is that you should trust people before you trust yourself. However, as an adult, it is your responsibility to recognize that there is not much standing in between you and your goals. You can cultivate who you are through your desired path which in my case is teaching and real estate. Once you become aware that you no longer have to hide or look over yourself, you will begin to see that you are in fact in charge of your own life. Take it upon yourself to discover what it is that you need in order to reach that space and this can happen through a myriad of things such as personal growth, journaling, friends, mentorship, classes and self observation. You are the creator of your destiny and by choosing you and choosing and accepting yourself, you will find the path that is successfully right for you. 


Topics Covered in this episode: 


  • How mindset defines how successful you are willing to become 
  • Stop hiding so that you finally see yourself 
  • How to let go of the myth of trusting others over yourself 
  • Take responsibility over your own life 
  • How to find encouragement to learn who you are
  • You can cultivate who you through real esate 
  • Why its important to find your own life lessons
  • Tools that encourage personal growth and self realization 


Listen now and find out why Christina thinks mindset is the key to financial leadership.


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