#101 John Alden: Using the Principal of Clarity & Transparency in Real Estate Investing

“As a real estate investor, yes you are running a business, but it is someone’s home or shelter which is super important.” -John Alden


Today I am interviewing John Alden who is the Managing Broker at Alden Pacific Investments which is a brokerage and consulting firm with a specialty in assisting investors in commercial real estate. They are located in Santa Monica, CA with a focus on higher end properties that aggressively help their clients build wealth and their portfolios. I’ve known John now for 6 years and he is an invested member of my FIBI Pasadena meeting, has presented at my FIBI Pasadena multi family meeting and has been someone I have done business with in the past. 

John Alden: Is from Minnesota and was interested in real estate since college. After the 2008 crash, John took some time before moving to Los Angeles where he discovered the concept of financial freedom through investing in real estate. After he was mentored on what steps to take next, he purchased his first duplex in Silverlake and has not stopped since. He is a former agent of Buckingham Investments and is now the Managing Broker at Alden Pacific Investments. 




  • What does Alden Pacific Investments do 
  • How John got his start in investing 
  • Jeff Chonis 
  • Why it’s important to help people understand the numbers 
  • Why due diligence is eagerly important 
  • What does it mean to work for the investors best interest 
  • Why there is a huge emotional process when dealing with real estate 
  • What are underwriting requirements 
  • Clients should be safe 
  • Using the mentorship approach 
  • Why you must understand the game 
  • Use the experts for who they are
  • How to be comfortable taking risk and fixing them 
  • How much does the team mean 
  • What are capital expenditures and how do they affect your investment
  • Why it’s important to rely on the members of your team for support 
  • What is a super high interest rate savings account 
  • Working within the bounds of you the market you’re in 
  • What are highly pressurized markets 
  • Accessory dwelling unit ordinance 
  • Why is CA $700 per square foot 
  • 2008 vs 2020


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Find out more about John here: 

Website AldenPacificinvestments.com

Phone 310-387-3489