#103 Jorge Abreu: The Capacity to Adjust 

“I love taking a property and making that transition and beautifying it to create a changing community.” -Jorge Abreu 


Today I am interviewing Jorge Abreu who is the Co Founder and CEO of Elevate Commercial Investment Group, which is a real estate investment firm with a focus on multi-family assets and value adds. Jorge is the link between the property managers and the overall business functionality of Elevate. Jorge is the host of the Elevate Commercial Group podcast and also provides tons of information and resources as well as a one day masterclass. 

Jorge Abreu: Is originally from Miami, Florida, but now lives and invests in Dallas, Texas. He has his BA in engineering, but decided he wanted a career in real estate. He started educating himself and began investing in single family properties alongside his partner Eric Bodiwala. Years later, Jorge has transitioned to multi-family investing and oversees all of the construction projects. Currently they hold over 2,000 doors and hold $275 million in assets. 


  • What is Elevate Commercial Group 
  • The importance of research and education 
  • Buying a business in multi family investing 
  • Why Jorge transitioned from single family to multi family 
  • How to raise equity for multifamily investing 
  • Why Jorge prefers multi family 
  • The difference with comping properties 30 years ago and now
  • The importance of changing the culture of a property 
  • Decreasing turnover cost 
  • What is vacancy factor 
  • How to increase tenant loyalty 
  • How renovations and community events are value adds
  • Quality tenants who refer quality tenants 
  • How brokers use value adds
  • How to reposition your renters 
  • Why you should hold a cash flow property 
  • Why less units equals more hands on 
  • Managing the managers 
  • Necessary adjustments during covid 
  • How to adjust to the market 


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Find out more about Jorge here: 

Website ElevateCIG.com

Email jorge@elevatecig.com