#105 Charles Carillo: Multifamily Investing and Working with Foreign Investors 

“You have to deal with someone that has foreign investor experience and real estate experience and knows exactly what’s going to happen.” -Chrales Carillo


Today I am interviewing Charles Carillo. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of Harborside Partners which is a private equity  real estate investment firm that focuses on value-add multi family properties using syndications. He is invested in over 250 multifamily units in 3 states and has invested in over 25 million in real estate. Charles and his teams also provide a great deal of valuable information and education on their website that includes a blog, investor resources, a Foreign Investing Guide, a Youtube channel and much more. He is the host of the Global Investors podcast and is based in Florida. 

Charles Carillo: Was introduced to real estate at a very young age, helping his father manage, more like clean and collect rent checks, back when he was growing up. Before he dove into real estate full time, Charles founded an online payment processing company that created an avenue for him to develop partnerships and clients overseas. Now using that knowledge Charles helps foreign investors invest in the US as well us runs Harborside Partners alongside his team. He has a BS from Connecticut State University. 



  • How did Chalres get started in real estate 
  • What was it like as a kid working with his father who was a landlord 
  • How Charles founded a business in college and how it lead him to working with foreign investors 
  • Why it’s important to walk the neighborhood 
  • How to use boundaries 
  • What should a flipper know 
  • What is like working with foreign investors and what you should know 
  • Are you buying or long term or cash flow
  • How to help non US Citizens invest in real estate 
  • What are strategies for foreign investors 
  • Why consultations is necessary 
  • The importance of your whole team being versed in handling foreign investors 
  • What is a tax treaty 
  • LLE vs LLC
  • Mitigating risk
  • What is an SCC Attorney
  • How to help your foreign investors and partners get the right counseling 
  • Who does Harborside Partners serve
  • Paul Moore and public storage vs  multi family investing 
  • The United States lack of affordable housing 
  • Why C+ housing is a solid asset class 
  • Real estate investing is semi passive 


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Find out more about Charles here: 

Website www.harborsidepartners.com

Website CharlesCarillo.com

Email schedulecharles.com 

Podcast Global Investors Podcast