#107 Swapnil Agarwal: Maximizing Growth by Maximizing the Strengths of People  

“The goal was never to make profit, it was always how to improve people’s living conditions.” -Swapnil Agarwal


Today I am interviewing Swapnil Agarwal who is the Founder and Managing Principal at Nitya Capital, which Swapnil launched in 2013. They are a Houston, Texas based real estate investment firm with a focus on asset management, property management, and acquisitions. They hold 2.5 billion in assets, 20,000 apartment units, hold a million and a half square footage of commercial office space, and 672 units of student housing. Swapnil’s Philanthropic and professional awards range from Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 to Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 and Co-Founder of Karya Kares Foundation, an official non-profit community outreach organization.

Swapnil Agarwal: Moved to Houston, Texas from India in 1996 after he begged his parents to go. He quickly learned that the American dream that he remembered seeing as a kid, was more than just luxury living, but he did see that opportunities presented themselves to everyone in America if they world hard, and became educated. He began a career in finance, after graduating with honors from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Finance. He climbed in the financial sector until always knowing he would one day be an entrepreneur so in 2013 he launched Nitya Capital.  He has 15 years of investment experience along with 12 years of global experience in real estate and finance. 



  • What is Nitya Capital 
  • Why Swapnil launched Nitya Capital 
  • What does the full spectrum of a deal mean 
  • How important is growth 
  • What is the quality of business 
  • What was the importance of moving to America to pursue opportunities 
  • How to push your staff to conquer boundaries 
  • Why doesn’t corporate America treat its people like assets 
  • Why the team makes it successful 
  • How do you add value to people’s lives and not just the property 
  • How do you increase value in low income properties 
  • Why Swapnil invest in people 
  • Why Swapnil’s biggest risk is the one he takes 
  • Adjust fee’s to prioritize investors 


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Find out more about Swapnil here: 

Website NityaCapital.com