#109 Brian Wagers: Market Appreciation in Multifamily Investing

“Market appreciation is the icing on the cake in real estate and by increasing the net operating income, you force that appreciation.” -Brian Wagers


Today I am interviewing Brian Wagers. He is the President and CEO of Wagers Capital, a private investment firm, which focuses on acquisitions, improvements, and operations in the multifamily real estate market. Wagers Capital was founded in 2017 and is located in Northwestern Arkansas. Wagers Capital currently holds over 450 units valued at 19 million dollars. He is a top Broker in Northwestern Arkansas, ranks top 10 in the region and has a youtube channel called Passive Income with Apartment Investing

Brian Wagers: Moved from Kentucky to Arkansas 6 years ago and began his journey into real estate. Always having an entrepreneurial spirit, Brian’s first venture was the stock market, which he soon realized wasn’t for him.  He dove into real estate and purchased his first single family home, also first learning that the velocity of growth was too slow for his liking. Because of that he began investing in the multifamily market. He has a BA in Economics from the University of Kentucky. 



  • Why did Brian become interested in real estate 
  • What is the Arkansas market like 
  • Why Brian stopped investing in stocks 
  • The lack of velocity in the single family market 
  • What is the entrepreneur spirit 
  • What is the middle phase 
  • Holding yourself accountable 
  • The importance of seeing all aspects of a real estate transaction 
  • Using value add’s to transfer B and C properties 
  • Market appreciation 
  • How to force appreciate in multifamily 
  • T12’s
  • Using the multiple effect 
  • Why you should always vet the property manager 
  • Why you need property managers for a specific asset 
  • Why you need to have a reserve account 
  • Why Brian is shifting some of his focus to Texas 
  • Why real estate is powerful and gives you the freedom to choose


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Find out more about Brian here: 

Website Wagerscapital.com

Email brian@wagerscapital.com