#11 Brent Kesler: The Money Multiplier & How it Works in Real Estate

“We’re going to use our good dollars today and pay them back with weaker dollars in the future.”- Brent Kesler 


Today I am interviewing Brent Kesler, who is an ex chiropractic coach and practitioner who now implements and coach’s people on what he calls the Money Multiplier Method, which derived from R. Nelson Nash Becoming Your Own Banker: Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept. Finding himself in almost a million dollars in debt, Brent attended conferences and educated himself on the infinite banking concept which allowed him to rid his debt in just 39 months. Brent is an educator, author and speaker at over 65 conferences a year. He was spoken on the stages of Les Brown, Grant Cordone and many more. Brent also provides tons of valuable resources for people to learn this concept including a blog, books by pioneers in the industry as well as an hour long presentation by Brent on the Money Multiplier Concept, which can all be found on his website here


Brent Kesler: Attended chiropractic school at the age of thirty realizing that he wanted more out of life. Along his journey in the chiropractic realm, Brent discovered from his colleagues what the infinite banking system was and decided to use that concept to get himself out of debt. Brent teaches people how to invest in whole life insurance policies in a mutual company that pays dividends. Brent obtained his license in 2012 with now over 2,3000 clients worldwide. 




  • Investing in a whole life insurance policy in a mutual fund that pays dividends 
  • The Money Multiplier Method
  • How he was able to get out of $984, 711 in debt 
  • R. Nelson Nash 
  • How he pivoted from a chiropractor to teaching the infinite banking concept 
  • How word of mouth referrals started his business 
  • How does this concept work in real estate
  • High cash value & immediate cash value in 30 days 
  • How to add this one step to your financial life
  • How the greats like Walt Disney, Warren Buffet, McDonalds, JCPenney, Stanford University etc…  all used this concept for funding 
  • Robert Kiosaki’s Second Chance 
  • Tony Robbins Money: MasterThe Game
  • Immulating what the wealthy do 
  • Recycling and generating money like the wealthy 


Listen now and find out how Brent found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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