#113: Jens Nielsen-A Strong Team Makes the Difference

“Understand this is a long term marathon so be prepared for those ups and downs.” -Jens Nielsen

Today I am interviewing Jens Nielsen who is the Principal of Open Doors Capital. He is also a full time real estate investor and a partner in over 1,100 apartment units valued over 50 million dollars. He is a certified High Performance Coach, a mentor and consultant. Jens runs Open Doors Capital with partner Jaso Pero and advisor Rod Khleif. 

Jens Nielsen: Moved from Denmark to the US in 1996. He transitioned from IT to real estate a few years ago, but decided he didn’t want to trade his time for money. In the IT space, he was in computer systems management which Jens was able to transfer over certain skills that aided in his real estate investing. 



  • Who is Jens Nielsen and Open Doors Capital 
  • How Jens transitioned from IT to real estate 
  • Why he wanted to create passive income 
  • The idea vs the details 
  • How does a strong team add value 
  • Joint ventures and syndications 
  • How long does it take to go passive 
  • Creating enough stability to choose 
  • What is the heart of the entrepreneur 
  • What is the right motivation for your real estate investing 
  • How Jens cycling accident pushed him further into investing 
  • Active vs passive investing 
  • Ask yourself, can I solve this issue
  • Repositioning 
  • What attitude do you have towards your investment 
  • How to be solution focused
  • What does financial leadership mean to you 


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Find out more about Jens here: 

Website opendoorscapital.com 

Email jens@opendoorscapital.com

LinkedIn Jens Nielsen