#116 Christina Suter: Education- Net Income for Multi Units Rule of Thumb

“Im my opinion as someone whose purchased buildings, deferred maintenance buildings will cost me at least 50% of my expenses on a yearly basis because i’m making cap x improvements as I go along.” -Christina Suter


Today I am sharing with you a rule of thumb I learned during the beginning of my investing career which was a formula that would help me calculate the net income for multiple multi units quickly. I learned this concept from Marty Stone’s Book, The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing, however other platforms like Bigger Pockets, Rich Dad, Fortune Builders and Michael Blank also have formats for how to do this. The net income should be calculated based on these categories, new building, new building +, existing buildings, and deferred maintenance. 


Topics Covered in this episode:

  • How do you calculate the net income of multiple multi units 
  • Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing by Marty Stone
  • What is a multi unit
  • How do you divide your net income
  • What are cap x expenses 
  • What should you consider 
  • What happens with unanticipated expenses 
  • Should you fix or keep a deferred maintenance property as is 
  • Why you should pre plan your expenses 


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