#117: Monica D. Higgins- Constructing ADU’s From Start to Finish

“There’s two types of contractors, those that want to get the job and those that want to do the job.” -Monica D. Higgins 


Today I am interviewing Remodeling Expert Monica D. Higgins. She is the Co Founder and Project Manager of Garagify, a company that specializes in helping people build ADU’s including complete build to remodeling. Garagify oversees a project from start to finish where Monica and her team provide consulting, plans, and designs all the way through to obtaining permits. She has been featured on outlets like This Old House, HGTV, eHow and Entrepreneur. She is also a best selling author of Remodel Success: Home Remodeling Done Right, On Time and On Budget


Monica D. Higgins: Was involved in real estate most of her life. Her parents both renovated and managed distress properties for a living. Her passion for managing construction projects stems from an incident that she witnessed her mother go through dealing with a contractor. 20 years later, Monica has made helping people a priority by providing outstanding service from the beginning of a remodel or build to the end. 



  • How did Monica start Garagify and what motivated it 
  • What are some of the most common issues people experience with working with contractors 
  • Why Monica felt the need to bring the commercial approach to residential 
  • What are backyard homes 
  • What law changed in 2017 that made ADU’s acceptable 
  • How do you vett your contractors 
  • Why you should follow your intuition 
  • What communication style are you comfortable with when working on a construction project 
  • Are contractors underpaying themselves 
  • How do you manage timelines 
  • What is the critical path method 
  • What is a rough contractor vs a finished contractor 
  • What are the legal liabilities for an ADU
  • Why you need to know the law regarding your build 
  • Using phantom space 
  • Why Monica and her team use 3D rendering 
  • Using ADU’s to generate passive income
  • Why Monica’s financial freedom is to work because she wants to and not because she has to


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Find out more about Monica here: 

Website GaragifyNow.com

Phone 800-944-4024