#119: Kim Wendland- Using Value to Build Your Team

“You don’t build your team around skills, you build your team around values.” -Kim Wendland


Today I am interviewing Kim Wendland who is a Managing Partner at Quattro Capital, a boutique company that focuses on multi-family real estate investing. She has been working and investing in real estate for 10 years and met the other partners of Quattro Capital at a real estate conference. Kims background is in technology where she held leadership positions in major corporations like Northrop Grumman and IBM. Now, her focus is helping people in real estate to establish generational wealth, passive income, and a good life now. Quattro Capital currently holds 50 million in assets and will be holding 100 million in assets by the end of the year. 


Kim Wendland: is based in Austin, Texas. She has her BA in Business and Computer Science from Angelo State University. After much enjoyment in her career in technology, in 2017 Kim transitioned into real estate realizing that it was a major key to financial freedom. She is the second of three generations of investors that includes her mother and her nephew. 



  • What is Quattro Capital 
  • Your real estate business is more than a business 
  • How did Quattro Capitol begin 
  • The power of your team 
  • How to focus on value and not the dollar
  • Network and education are the formula for success in real estate 
  • Including personal ownership and accountability 
  • What is the difference between a joint venture and a syndication 
  • Why you should be diversifying your portfolio as an investor 
  • What markets are you in and how do they function 
  • What is the difference between an emerging market and a mature market 
  • Where do wise investors play 
  • Why you should count on the data for information 
  • Being on purpose 
  • What are the four pillars of Quattro Capital 
  • How can real estate help other areas of your life 
  • Why alignment matters when working with a team 


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Find out more about Kim here: 

Website TheQuattroWay.com

Phone 512-659-8924