#120: Kevin Amolsch- The Business of Real Estate From a Lenders Perspective

“If you are going to be successful in real estate investing, you should treat it like a business and not a hobby.” -Kevin Amolsch


Today I am interviewing Kevin Amolsch who is the President of Pine Financial Group which he founded in 2008. Pine Financial Group is a hard money lending company that provides many different products for their borrowers and investors in the Colorado and Minnesota area. Kevin has spent 14 years as a real estate investor and 10 years in real estate lending. He is a speaker and Author of the book 45 Day Investor

Kevin Amolsch: Started his career in real estate after working as a Senior Loan Officer at a small mortgage company. After serving 4 years in the army, Kevin went to college and got a degree in finance. Since then he has worked on wall street as a Mortgage Bond Analyst, worked as a Senior Loan Officer, opened his own real estate investment company which is thriving today, founded Pine Financial Group and has completed over 2,000 real estate transactions either as a buyer, seller or private money lender. 



  • How did Kevin get started in real estate
  • What is Pine Financial Group
  • How did Kevin get started in real estate with no money 
  • Creative investing strategies
  • Working with a mentor 
  • Using private individuals to finance a transaction 
  • The difference between running a business and real estate 
  • How to build skills and systems 
  • The importance of protecting your investors 
  • Why Pine Financial Group  has a mortgage fund and how did it start 
  • What are default rates 
  • What is an opinion of value 
  • What types of lenders should you work with 
  • What are the various types of loans 
  • Including culture into your business 
  • Checking vacancy rates as a rule of thumb 


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Find out more about Kevin here: 

Website PineFinancialGroup.com

Email Kevin@pinefinancialgroup.com