#121: Kathleen Kramer- The Art of Being Patient in Real Estate Investing

“It’s not a stock and you’re not selling options, so be patient.” -Katheleen Kramer


Today I am extremely excited to be  interviewing Kathleen Kramer who is a licensed Broker and Mortgage Originator. She owned and operated a branch of American Residential Funding Inc. in the early 2000’s. She has closed on over 2,500 transactions worth over a billion in volume.  From 2002-2006 Kathleen ran a real estate meeting in Huntington Beach, CA.  Now she and her husband Michael focus on non performing notes. I was first introduced to Kathleen a few years ago from the Norris Group. She is a speaker and educator and will be releasing a course on notes in 2022. 


Kathleen Kramer: Learned what homeownership was growing up in CA from her parents who migrated to the United States from Hungary. Her education from her parents was not in investing itself, but in the value of home ownership. After college she started working at a mortgage company which was her first real introduction into the value of real estate investing. Fast forward to now, Kathleen and her husband invest in real estate backed investments like land development, multi family, single family, reg D syndications, and non performing notes. Kathleen received her degree in Business Economics from the University of California Santa Barbra. 



  • How did Kathleen become interested in real estate investing 
  • Investing in non performing notes 
  • What are real estate backed investments
  • The value of home ownership 
  • How Kathleen and her husband Michael invested in their first property 
  • What is a 5/1 adjustable loan 
  • Let your portfolio mature
  • Should you buy and hold 
  • Why she invest in distressed notes 
  • Financial freedom is objective 
  • Why you should learn as much as you can from you CPA
  • How working in mortgage prepared Kathleen for real estate investing 
  • It’s about having assets under management 
  • The importance of being a lifelong learner 
  • Kathleen’s 2022 course on note investing 
  • Information is timeless 
  • When is the right time to be a lender 
  • Doing your due diligence on 1031 exchanges 
  • The money is in your mind 
  • Learn the tax codes
  • What are contingent liabilities 
  • Delayed gratification 


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Find out more about Kathleen here: 

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