#123: Nizan Mosery- The Journey is the Ultimate Investment

“Success is not the amount of money you have or your net worth, success is the journey and the person you become.” Nizan Mosery


Today I am interviewing Nizan Mosery who is the Founder of Cornerstone Investment Partners. He is an investor owning properties all over the US and internationally as well as the owner of K.E.A.N Management Solutions, a professional management company. He is the Founder of the South Florida Mastermind Society, a commercial real estate group which was one of the first in the area. He is an educator, mentor, coach and Reiki Master and host and creator of the live show and podcast, Traveling Investor


Nizan Mosery: Is first generation born in New York city. His parents, who were from Israel, raised Nizan and his siblings by the motto collect rent don’t pay rent. Growing up in NY, Nizan worked in various markets trying to find his way. After his fathers passing, he traveled around the world taking the time he needed to reconnect to his soul and find his purpose, which he eventually did. He moved back to the states in 2009 with his family to Boca Raton, FL where he now resides and runs his companies. 



  • What is Cornerstone Investment Partners and what do they do 
  • How did Nizan get involved in real estate investing 
  • How did Nizan use his experience in construction in investing 
  • Why Nizan start investing in multifamily 
  • How to do for self
  • Nizans travels to self discovery 
  • The importance of finding your purpose 
  • Why money is not everything 
  • Why Nizan moved back to the states during the 2008/09 crash 
  • When did the flipping industry turn 
  • Learning how to investing in multifamily properties 
  • Know your market and know your numbers 
  • How do you find yourself in real estate 
  • How to look at the journey instead of the end goal 
  • Using the law of the universe 
  • The importance of making your investors whole 
  • Go after your dreams 
  • How to build a business that revolves around your lifestyle 


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Find out more about Nizan here: 

Website www.InvestWithCIP.com

Phone 561-212-7247

Email nizan@investwithcip.com

Social @travelinginvestor