#124: Desiree Doubrox- Investing in Women & Community

“People don’t realize the power of having access to women like us. That’s the big difference in business because then you don’t make a lot of the wrong moves with the wrong people.” Desiree Doubrox


Today I am interviewing Desiree Doubrox who is the CEO of Hom Work, which began as a simple womens brunch held at her home to discuss topics that focused on business, life goals and more. This launched into what is now a global network of 53,000 members around the world, known as Empowered Women. She produces and publishes a monthly digital magazine Let’s Talk and in 2011 launched a non profit called Foundation of Empowered Women. 

Desiree Doubrox: Began her real estate journey in 1989 as a Broker and Investor. Around that time she developed a seminar series called “From Babies & Bills to Riches in Real Estate,” which catapulted her to develop Empowered Women in 2006 in response to the downturn. Now Hom Work, a live where you work company, focuses on providing women with safe and accessible short term work from home spaces around the world. She is a mother, entrepreneur, publisher, producer, TV host and so much more. 



  • Why did Desiree begin Empowered Women 
  • What was the real estate market like during the 2006 downturn 
  • How Empowered Women helps women build their lives and businesses 
  • The importance of building a portfolio collectively 
  • How to live where you work 
  • Acquiring luxury homes for Home Work 
  • Creating lease options 
  • How to use real estate to create community 
  • What is Hom Work and how does it work 
  • Building live in work spaces and the benefits it provides for women in transition 
  • Business in a box program 
  • What are the benefits from working from home 
  • Why is real estate a great investment vehicle 


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Find out more about Desiree here: 

Website HomWork.com

Email Desiree@homwork.com

Phone 818-292-5559