#125: Tyler Sheff- Immersing Yourself in the Culture of the Market 

“Anybody that has an impact on your asset, how you deal with them, can absolutely make or break the deal.” -Tyler Sheff

Today I am interviewing Tyler Sheff. He is a licensed Realtor in Key West, Florida at Future Home Realty. He has over twenty years of real estate experience as a Flipper, apartment building owner, a property manager, realtor and an owner of mortgage debt instruments.  He is also the creator of Cash Flow Guys, an educational platform that teaches investors the ins and outs of real estate without the get rich quick motto. He is an investor, educator and runs the popular podcast show “Cash Flow Guys, Learn to Earn.


Tyler Sheff: Was introduced to real estate at a young age by watching his mother who was a broker, conduct real estate transactions in the seventies and eighties. He went to the Army and became a military police officer. After his tour was over he returned to the states and became a car salesman, but hated it and went into the service industry of car sales. After realizing it wasn’t for him, Tyler teamed up with his mother and began his real estate journey as a flipper. Now he is a sought after real estate problem solver, educator and mentor. 



  • How did Tyler become interested in real estate
  • What investing was like in the eighties 
  • How Tyler began investing with his mother 
  • Why he began house flipping 
  • Why don’t some people loan to Flippers
  • Why flipping works until it doesn’t 
  • When a partnership goes wrong 
  • Why you should never hire unlicensed contractors
  • Always do the right thing 
  • The importance of education and network 
  • Bruce Norris 
  • Never stop asking questions 
  • How to navigate the Key West, FL market
  • Find the problem and fix it 
  • The Airbnb market and serving a different type of tenant 
  • Key West regulations on short term rentals 
  • Is the industry moving away from preferred returns
  • Syndications vs funds 
  • How culture changes create value 
  • Facts over faith 
  • Why you need to immerse yourself in the culture of a market 
  • The goal should be to duplicate what you net, that is financial freedom
  • What is a professional real estate investor 


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Find out more about Tyler here: 

Website CashFlowGuys.com

Phone 305-222-7081