#126: Monick Halm-The Power of Women in Real Estate

#126: Monick Halm: The Power of Women in Real Estate


“You have to take care of yourself. It’s only through taking care of yourself that you can really take care of others.” -Monick Halm 

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Monick Halm who is the Founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses where her mission is to help 1 million women reach financial freedom through real estate investing.  She is a syndicator, developer and investor having worked in mobile home parks, multi-family, RV parks, vacation home rentals and flipping. She is a best selling author of two books, The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook and Wealth for Women: Conversations with the Team That Creates the Dream The Top Female Professionals Who Can Help You Get Wealthy in Real Estate. Monick is the host of the Real Estate Investor Goddess podcast and is also a contributing writer for the Huffington Post. 

Monick Halm: Is a former attorney who after a brief break from her work, decided that being an attorney was not bringing her joy and fulfimment. She started digging into real estate and accidentally started house hacking with a friend. From there she went to seminars, workshops and conferences to further her education and learn what it means to be an investor. Fast forward to today, she is a wife, mother, real estate coach and mentor, writer, and certified interior designer. She currently holds 1,300 doors in ten states and is on a mission to help women find abundance and joy through real estate investing. 



  • Why did Monick leave her job as an attorney 
  • How did Moncik begin her real estate career 
  • The importance of working for yourself 
  • The importance of creating solid foundations 
  • What is the American dream
  • The Los Angeles market in 2005 
  • How she went from 2 doors to 1,000 in a year
  • Why Monick wants to help women 
  • How the power of the feminine contributes to real estate investing 
  • Why it’s important to share with others 
  • What is scarcity mentally and how does it affect your ability to live to your fullest potential 
  • The importance of self care
  • Why women make great investors 
  • How to deal with fear


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Find out more about Monick here: 

Website RealEstateInvestorGoddesses.com