#127: Donato Settanni- Investing in the Business of Real Estate

“In this business everything is going to go wrong and that’s the time when you need to put your head down and get to work.” -Donato Settanni


Today I am interviewing Donato Settanni who is the Co Founder of DXE Properties which focuses on value add real estate investments. There, Donato is responsible for oversight construction, asset management and design. He has ten years of institutional experience as a Senior Project Manager and Lead Project Manager for Oxford Properties in New York City. He oversaw a twenty billion dollar project for Oxford Hudson Yards, a massive project on the far west side of Manhattan. Donato has managed the closings of 1.5 billion dollars in real estate and has worked on some high profile projects like Madison Square Garden and the new Yankee Stadium. 


Donato Settanni: Was inspired to get into real estate in his youth and eventually got his BA in Engineering from the University of Delaware and his Masters in Real Estate Development from New York University. 


  • How did Donato transition from working in real estate to owning his own company 
  • What does DXE Properties do 
  • What consist of value add projects 
  • Long term ownership 
  • Getting back to the roots 
  • Why we reposition properties 
  • What happens when there is a culture change 
  • What exit plans are set in place 
  • What sets you apart 
  • Why Instagramable marketing photos are key 
  • How to commit to finding solutions 
  • What are the rewards of real estate 
  • What are the flaws of designing 
  • How to work with contractors 
  • What inspired Donato to get into real estate 
  • Garden style value adds
  • Resetting the life of the asset 
  • Finding class C properties in A or B neighborhoods 


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Find out more about Donato here: 

Website DXEProperites.com