#128: Jen Maldonado- Don’t Focus on the Process, Focus on the End Goal

“One of the things I did good was build relationships and a relationship that was adding value. It was never about what I can get, it was always about how can I help?” -Jen Maldonado


Today I am interviewing Jen Maldonado who I have known since 2012. She is a professional Capital Raiser, Investor, Entrepreneur, High Performance Coach and is one of the Executive Leaders and Speakers for WREN Inspires. As a mentor and coach, Jen has inspired and helped jumpstart womens investing careers all over the country. She was interviewed by the Huffington Post in 2015 for her inspiration, consulting practice and how she has helped people strive and create wealth using real estate. In 2019 she co authored the book “You Got This!,” in collaboration with other women investors taking charge in the real estate field. She is a speaker and can be found on many podcasts and interviews as well as hosting events at real estate clubs and teaching workshops. 


Jen Maldonado: Was an engineer at Nestle before she made the decision to become an entrepreneur. She wanted to decide who and what she spent her time on and went into real estate dabbling at the many options it had to offer. After a deal gone wrong, Jen found herself in a position where she thought she would need to return to work. At a meeting the day before an interview, she met someone that told her about capital raising. The next day she made a few phone calls and had closed on a deal, granting her the strength to turn down a job and continue her journey in real estate. 



  • What was Jens reasoning for wanting to get into real estate 
  • What is WREN Inspires 
  • How was it transitioning from corporate to entrepreneur 
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad, the purple bible 
  • The importance of freedom of time 
  • Ways to find a different path 
  • When and how was Jen introduced to capital raising 
  • What does a Capital Raiser do
  • How to avoid the shiny objects in real estate and focus on one thing 
  • How losing a deal propelled Jen onto her own path 
  • What happens when you dont structure a deal properly 
  • Using other people’s money 
  • How quickly do you learn what not to do 
  • The development of strong relationships 
  • Using risk assessment 
  • Why Jen only does deals that create impact
  • How to avoid putting people in the wrong investments 


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Find out more about Jen here: 

Website JenMaldonado.com

Instagram @investwithJenMaldonado