#129: Steve Cook- How to Become a Lifeonaire

“We take people through a process of developing a life plan because people are great at developing a business plan, but they don’t know what they want out of life.” -Steve Cook


Today I am interviewing Steve Cook who is the Founder of Lifeonaire, a coaching practice that helps people alter their focus from money and possessions towards abundance, life experiences and purpose. Steve is also a successful real estate investor, keynote speaker, author, and trainer. Lifeonaire focuses on working with investors, entrepreneurs and business owners although anyone can benefit from the Lifeonaire message. There is also The Lifeonaire  Show that is hosted by Lifeonaire’s CEO Jason Wojo. The podcast spotlights topics that range from mindset and prosperity to business and goal setting. Steve has been a guest on multiple podcasts and has been recognized all over the country for his rags to riches story. 

Steve Cook: Was called by a higher power to start the Lifeonaire practice that has now reached tens of thousands of people, but it didn’t start that way for Steve. He was a college dropout and the owner of two failed restaurants before making the switch to becoming a real estate mogul. Now Steve continues to help thousands of people find their purpose by realizing what they really want their lives to look like and how their businesses and investing can flow around that. 



  • Why do people start a business 
  • What happens to your life after your business gets off the ground 
  • Steves book Lifeonaire
  •  How do you shift the goal or your business 
  • Do people really want a better life 
  • Why money is a tool 
  • How do you design your business to serve your life
  • The importance of changing mindsets and habits 
  • What keeps people trapped 
  • Ways to shift your mindset 
  • The distortion of the American dream 
  • How can you develop a new life vision 
  • Are you doing the right type of investing for you who are as a person 
  • What is the purpose of your business 
  • Entrepreneurship is a gift 
  • Experiences vs wants 


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