#13 Marco Santarelli: Treat Investing Like a Business, Because it is

“If you want massive results, you have to take massive action.” –Marco Santarelli


Today I am interviewing Maro Santatrelli, who is an investor, author and creator of Norada Real Estate Investments, which is an investment company that offers turnkey properties in growing markets nationwide. Marco is the author of the book Passive Real Estate Investing, which focuses on teaching people of all levels in real estate how to accumulate passive income, what markets are best to invest in, how to analyze properties for cash flow and returns, and the advantages of income generating real estate. Marco is also the creator of Deal Grader, a measuring system that calculates the investment quality of a real estate investment. He also hosts the Passive Real Estate Investing podcast where he focuses on the tips and tricks of passive income in investing.  

Marco Santarelli: Purchased his first rental at just 18, but also began educating himself at the early age of 13 on the ins and outs of business and entrepreneurship. Fast forward to 2003 after years of seminars, training and workshops, Maro started Norada, simply because he was sought after by investors because of his punctuality and due diligence, which landed him properties, while others were still waiting to pull the trigger. Since then, Marco has helped people with turnkey properties in real estate investing from start to finish. The foundation of Norada is to understand nationwide markets and to make sure they are working with the right team of people. 




  • What is Norada and why he started the company 
  • What at the early age of 13 was he interested in business 
  • Control expenses for imployable & investable capital 
  • Setbacks from consuming bad information 
  • How to control your own income 
  • Financial freedom is beyond financial independence 
  • How to understand markets and use that to your advantage
  • The important of working with a team 
  • Why you need to branch out of your comfort zone and market to find new deals 
  • The top down approach 
  • Dont be married to the market 

Listen now and find out how Marco found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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