#131: Marcus Arredondo- How Systems & Structure Impact the Value of an Asset

“Just because there’s uncertainty, it doesn’t equate to a greater amount of risk. It’s about limiting the risk while gaging the uncertainty.” -Marcus Arredondo

Today I am interviewing Marcus Arrendondo who is the Managing Partner of Two By Two Group and has over 15 years of real estate experience in the fields of multi-family acquisitions, tenant relationship and syndications. Of his 200+ transactions, he has worked with clients such as Wells Fargo, Tesla, Sirius XM and more and has served as an advisor to create income producing strategies which include underwriting, procurement and due diligence. He holds ownership stake in Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Louisiana and Florida in multi-family assets. Marcus has presented at my FIBI Pasadena Multi-Family meeting in December of 2021. 

Marcus Arredondo: Got his BA from Cornell University and has served as a member of the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce. His other noted achievements include being on the Board of Directors for Upward Gravity,  being a member of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation as well as being a Big Brother for the Big Brother Big Sister program.  



  • What does it mean to represent a company’s lease transaction 
  • Financial directives 
  • Why leasing is not all about rent 
  • Business health 
  • What are your highest priorities 
  • How to manage expectations while you execute 
  • How are companies occupying space now
  • What identifiers help you gather census information 
  • How to understand risk 
  • What are base building conditions 
  • Tenant ledger vs landlord ledger 
  • How systems and structure impact value 
  • How do occupants occupy 
  • Why you should assess the unknown 
  • 90 day goal setting
  • What impacts performance and how do they effect the asset 
  • Reality vs the plan 
  • Grant Cardone
  • How can you create your own solutions 
  • Know your investors 
  • Good To Great” by Jim Collins


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Find out more about Marcus here: 

Website TwoByTwoGroup.com

Email marcus@twobytwogroup.com