#132: Julie Anne Peterson- Experience Makes the Deal

“When you find that team, you have to spend time with them. It is critical to understand how this person works.” -Julie Anne Peterson

Today I am interviewing a very special guest, Julie Anne Peterson. She is the Senior Director at Old Capital, a commercial real estate company that deals in debt and equity.  She brings 30 years of transaction history in the real estate world and has recently transitioned into syndictions.  Not only is she a capital raiser, Julie brings a deep knowledge to her clients in the form of consulting which has helped rank Old Capital as one of the leading financial intermediaries in the country.  She is the host of the show Zoom8 and has been featured on various real estate podcasts. 

Julie Anne Peterson: Purchased her first single family property at the age of 22 and she didn’t stop there. She continued to invest in real estate purchasing a multi family unit in Chicago and also began investing in San Diego. Her deep transaction experience is what makes Julie special and an Advisor for the Michael Blank educational platform. 



  • How did Julie get started in real estate 
  • Why she has a deep passion for helping people 
  • Finding your super power 
  • How do you identify yourself as an investor 
  • What it means to offer experience 
  • Funding the deal 
  • What is required to complete a transaction 
  • How do you utilize knowledge to fund a deal 
  • The Zoom8 podcast 
  • What helps new investors 
  • Utilizing the power of your network 
  • What are the pros and cons of real estate
  • The importance of building community in real estate 
  • How did Julie become a syndicator 
  • Leveraging relationships 
  • The FIBI Pasadena meeting 
  • What are the challenges of value adds
  • Why its extremely important to choose the right partner and understand how they move 
  • How bad partnerships cause problems 
  • How do you make the deal right 


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Find out more about Julie here: 


Website OldCapitalLending.com

Phone 630-453-7150

Email Jpeterson@oldcapitallending.com

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