#133: Christina Suter- Interview on Real Estate Milestones Podcast

“I can gain financial leadership and it has nothing to do with the amount of money I’m starting with. It’s the commitment to choose to have financial choices in my life.” -Christina Suter 


Today I was interviewed by Ben Malech who is the creator of the Real Estate Milestones Podcast. I met Ben at this year’s IIREC. He was kind enough to approach me and ask if he could do an interview with me regarding my journey in real estate. I have 35 years of investing experience and am also a Real Estate Investment Advisor, educator, speaker and am the Chapter Leader for FIBI Pasadena. I have spoken at multiple events and conferences as well as been interviewed for various podcasts and other real estate related outlets. I am the creator of the Real Estate Breakthrough show, which is a bi- monthly podcast where I speak with experts in real estate about their journeys as well as what financial freedom means. 



  • Who is Ben Malech and Real Estate Milestones podcast 
  • Residential investing 
  • How to find your niche while still working 
  • Where did Christina find her footing 
  • Out of state investing 
  • Why did Christina have to sell her entire portfolio in 2007
  • Why Christina became a hard money lender 
  • What is my why
  • Unintentional portfolio growth from her first property at 17
  • There are no linear markets in real estate 
  • Why real estate is not all fun and games 
  • What do you do with a million dollars
  • The Real Estate Mastermind meeting 
  • Why going to meetings matter
  • When did Christina become a full time investor 
  • What does it mean to be a real estate Investment Advisor 
  • What kind of portfolio do you want for yourself 
  • What are your talents and how can they be used in real estate 
  • What is house hacking 
  • All cities are potential places to invest 
  • Always do your due diligence 
  • Your network and knowledge will make you successful in real estate 
  • What were Chrisitnas 2 major milestones
  • What are mistakes newer investors make
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad for teens 
  • The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate investing by Marty Stone


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The Real Estate Breakthrough Show with Christina Suter is where we talk about the reality of real estate, the mindset you need and the tips and tricks to get you moving forward in investing. Join us every week and learn everything you need to know to invest in real estate education and create real wealth for a lifetime.


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