#134: Jeff Smallowitz -Safe Lending Practices from a Private Money Lender

“We found that the best way for us to loan money is just to get to know the people we’re loaning to.” -Jeff Smallowitz


Today I am interviewing Jeff Smallowitz, a Consulting Aerospace Engineer,  who along with his wife Ellen, are Private Money Lenders. In 2006/2007, Jeff and his wife were looking for an apartment building to purchase. Meeting after meeting, they had no luck. At one meeting in 2009, Jeff stood up and once more asked about apartments, but also added that he had money. This is when things changed and they became a Private Money Lenders. He is a speaker, educator and has presented at different real estate meetings in Southern California area. In March of 2022, he presented the topic “How to Lend & Borrow Private Money” at my FIBI Pasadena meeting. 




  • How did Jeff start his career in real estate 
  • How to bring in valuable content 
  • What are safe lending practices 
  • The flippin business 
  • Jeff’s beginnings  flipping in Cincinnati 
  • Why he doesnt loan to people who are inexperienced
  • The importance of getting to know people 
  • Jeff’s criteria and process for lending 
  • Always show up 
  • What can go wrong on a flip 
  • Know who you are loaning to
  • The 75% rule 
  • Only work with experienced flippers 
  • Why credit checks are unnecessary 
  • Educate yourself on the cautions of borrowing out of state 
  • Why you should be careful with finding lenders online 
  • Never pay upfront fees


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To find out more about Jeff Smallowitz, find out where he will next be presenting in the Southern California area next.