#135: Kathleen Kramer- The 5 Possible Disruptors for 2022

“How do I protect my assets and my money from inflation, well I’d invest in hard assets and that’s real estate.” -Kathleen Kramer


Today I am extremely excited again to be  interviewing Kathleen Kramer who is a licensed Broker and Mortgage Originator. This podcast is special because Kathleen just presented this topic at my February FIBI Pasadena meeting and because of the importance of the information, I’ve asked her to share it again on this platform. She owned and operated a branch of American Residential Funding Inc. in the early 2000’s. She has closed on over 2,500 transactions worth over a billion in volume.  From 2002-2006 Kathleen ran a real estate meeting in Huntington Beach, CA.  Now she and her husband Michael focus on non performing notes. I was first introduced to Kathleen a few years ago from the Norris Group. She is a speaker and educator and will be releasing a course on notes in 2022.

Kathleen Kramer: Learned what homeownership was growing up in CA from her parents who migrated to the United States from Hungary. Her education from her parents was not in investing itself, but in the value of home ownership. After college she started working at a mortgage company which was her first real introduction into the value of real estate investing. Fast forward to now, Kathleen and her husband invest in real estate backed investments like land development, multi family, single family, reg D syndications, and non performing notes. Kathleen received her degree in Business Economics from the University of California Santa Barbra. 


  • What are the 5 disruptors of the current economy 
  • Kathleen’s FIBI Pasadena presentation
  •  How to identify opportunities in real estate in the current market 
  • Why it’s about supply and demand
  • The US spending plan and inflation 
  • You need to buy hard assets 
  • What is the government doing 
  • How can you embrace government incentives 
  • How does the supply chain get fixed 
  • Robotic jobs are here 
  • Industrial growth and the opportunities there 
  • What is happening at the Los Angeles port 
  • Where is the path of growth 
  • What are the short term effects 
  • Short term vs long term 
  • Consumer distress 
  • Will there be a huge crash 
  • They are developing pure rental communities 
  • Bruce Norris
  • Bill Tan  
  • Who is Black Rock 
  • How do investment firms run the government 
  • Real estate is a protected class
  • What are the global narratives and how will they play out 
  • Neil Howe- The Fourth Turning 


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Find out more about Kathleen here: 

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