#136: Andre Simoneau- Building Personal Wealth

“The other side of it is tax free, but here’s the really cool part. They call this arbrotrose as the money sitting in your account (the principal) you don’t take distribution you take a loan.”

Today I am interviewing Andre Simoneau. He is the Executive Vice President of Five Rings Financial as well as a partner at Life Made to Order Financial.  As a Financial Preservationist and Financial Consultant specializing in insurance and annuities,  Andre helps his clients build the perfect investment vehicles based on their goals and desires. He speaks at educational workshops, networking groups and sales conferences around the United States. 

Andre Simonneau: At 19 became an entrepreneur and spent fifteen years owning and operating  Verizon retail shops in Maryland.  After much success, he and his family moved to Colorado where he built his dream home.  However, during the 2008 crash Andre had to close his businesses and found himself in debt. At that point Andre realized that he was never financially educated, which kick started him into educating himself about money and investing. He now teaches and consults people on personal wealth building strategies as well as personal development. 



  • Why is financial education so important
  • What is Life Made to Order and what do they do 
  • How can you build personal wealth 
  • What are living benefits 
  • How can life insurance policies be used to build personal wealth 
  • The influence of habits and conditioning 
  • Do you know your risk tolerance 
  • What do you want and what is your purpose 
  • Crisis brings change 
  • Know the tax codes and keeping your investment tax free 
  • Utilizing index growth 
  •  What is a self completing retirement plan 
  • Pirates of Manhattan by Barry James Dyke
  • Buy, borrow, die
  • What is super funding
  • What are guaranteed accounts 
  • The break even point 


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Find out more about Andre here: 

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