#138: Kim Wendland- Fear is a Call to Action

“Fear is a call to courage and within each of us there is more power than we can even understand.” Kim Wendland


Today I am speaking with Kim Wendland who is one of the founding partners of Quattro Capital, an investment firm focusing on multi-family residential real estate. Their goal is to help people achieve financial freedom and well being. Kim, who had an intensive and successful career in IT, fell into real estate when she took on the responsibility of selling her family estates. It became a passion for her and overtime became an investor as well as becoming a founding partner at Quattro Capital. She has been a guest on my Real Estate Breakthrough podcast in the past. 

Kim Wendland: Got her Bachelors in Business and Computer Science from Angelo University. Kim, who is also an entrepreneur, spent 30 years in the IT business in various positions such as the Global Project Executive for IBM, the Program Manager for Northrop Grumman, and the Director in IT operations for Texas Department of Health and Human Services. Falling in love with real estate has inspired Kim to continue on her journey of being a mother, wife, investor, educator and philanthropist. 


  • How did Coivd change Kim’s life 
  • How did the pandemic alter life as we knew it 
  • Who is Quattro Capital 
  • How do you align with your purpose 
  • How do we thrive in times of uncertainty 
  • What is fear 
  • Assessing risk management 
  • The gift of finding a way 
  • How to embrace new beginnings 
  • How to learn along the way 
  • Why fear is a call to courage 
  • What happened to the market of March 2020 
  • How to embrace your team 


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Find out more about Kim here: 

Website KimWendland.com

Email kim@thequattroway.com