#14 Christina Suter: Mindset- How Our Personal History Defines Us

“There is a way to take those deep seeded memories to reprogram them into something new. So until you can reprogram it, at least don’t let it stop you.”-Christina Suter


Today I am talking about mindset, but more importantly how our personal history has defined us and it starts in our childhood. Remember a moment from your childhood where you were missed? Where an adult told you that what you were doing or creating was stupid or not right? Maybe some friends made you feel embarrassed for doing something that they thought was lame like being in a play or loving and caring for your younger siblings. From that moment on you decided that you weren’t going to do that again, which in turn programs you to tell yourself that you will never do that again. That you will never draw again, act again or even show emotions towards the people you love. We over time develop a deep rooted sentence from those moments that stops us from moving forward in certain parts of our lives. How does that apply to real estate? Everything from our personal history shapes how we function. In real estate this can cause us to ask questions about ourselves like am I truthful, why am I not reliable, how come I cannot tell my contractor that they are doing a bad job, why am I afraid to take risk? All these questions show up because of those moments in childhood, however right now you can begin to change that by acknowledging where those feelings come from and how you can change that feeling right there in the moment. 

Topics Covered in this episode: 

  • How our personal history defines us 
  • How childhood experiences cause us to program ourselves to not move forward
  • How acknowledge this can bring you to freedom 
  • Why these moments years later add to your downfall 
  • Choosing freedom over your jail sentence 
  • What does your personal history have to do with real estate
  • How to reprogram yourself to move forward 


Listen now and find out why Christina thinks mindset is the key to financial leadership.

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