#140: Christina Suter- Presenting at WREN, Economic Update

“If you’ve lost money in real estate, its not a reason to give up.” 

– Christina Suter


This episode is a little different because today I am sharing my Economic Update at WREN’s monthly meeting, which took place in mid May. I have 30 years of experience working in real estate and have spent the past 15 years as a Real Estate Advisor and Mentor. I have acquired over 350 doors since my investing career began and I have also purchased over 40 million dollars in real estate. I founded the real estate and networking meeting FIBI Pasadena which has over 3,500 members. FIBI Pasadena is a part of the For Investors By Investors real estate network. I also host the Real Estate Breakthrough show, which is a podcast dedicated to speaking with real estate experts and hearing their story as to what financial freedom means to them. 




  • What do you use to inspire you
  • What is your why 
  • You don’t always make money in real estate 
  • What does abundance look like for you 
  • What is happening with the current market 
  • What is the national market doing right now 
  • Use volume as a more effective precursor over prices 
  • 2 months of inventory is a sellers advantage 
  • 8 months of inventory is a buyers advantage 
  • What are the indicators 
  • Tradingeconomics.com
  • Why are pending sales decreasing 
  • Why people tend to worry about interest rates
  • Interest rates are still historically low 
  • A price increase and an interest increase = inflation 
  • How are we impacted by rent increases 
  • What is the effective funds rate
  • What is a yield curve reversal 
  • What is the CA marketing telling us 
  • Stagflation 
  • Marcus & Millichap 


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