#141: Paul Moore-Investing vs. Speculation

“If you are getting an asset, you should be looking for an asset with intrinsic value you can unlock.” – Paul Moore


Today I am interviewing Paul Moore for the 2nd time here on the Real Estate Breakthrough Show. He is the Managing Partner and Founder of Wellings Capital and is an investor, author, and educator. Paul has presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting numerous times and is a world class real estate investor. He recently released a book called Storing Up Profits and will have his recent FIBI Pasadena presentation available on our Youtube Channel. He is still a renaissance man, remains a good friend, and a trusted resource. 


Paul Moore: has his BA in engineering and MBA from Ohio State. He has successfully managed and rehabbed 40+ properties and completed investments and exited over 85 real estate deals. Paul authored his first book  The Perfect Investment, which spells out everything you need to know about apartment investing. He authored his 2nd book Storing Up Profits, which breaks down the value of investing in self storage. He is the co-host of the How to Lose Money  podcast and a contributor to Bigger Pockets and more. 




  • What is Wellings Capital 
  • Investing vs speculating 
  • Who is Benjamin Graham 
  • The wisdom of Warren Buffet 
  • Why did Paul get into real estate investing
  • Why multi-family is not the perfect deal 
  • Are we overpaying to compete 
  • Can self storage maintain during a downturn 
  • Does does inflation impact self storage 
  • How large rental buildings become owned by corporations 
  • 75% of self storage is still owned by mom and pop investors
  • What types of value adds align with self storage 
  • Christina’s first multi-family property 
  • What is the knowledgeable investors choice 
  • When do we start babysitting the market 
  • Upgrading mom and pop investments 
  • What happened with Zillow 

Listen now and find out how Paul found his Real Estate Breakthrough!

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Find out more about Paul here: 


Website Wellings Capital

Twitter @PaulMooreInvest

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