#142: Fernando Angelucci- The Secret Sauce to Self Storage

With rising interest rates you need to not only increase your purchase cap rates, but your exit cap rates as well.” –Fernando Angelucci 


Today I am excited because I am speaking with Fernando Angelucci who shares some amazing stories on how he became an expert in the self storage market as well as advice on how to navigate it. He is the CEO of Self Storage Syndicated Equities and is also the COO of Impact Self Storage. By age 30 Fernando acquired over 150 million in self storage assets across the country within a 4 year time span. You can find him on over 200 podcasts as well as find him on social media platforms under The Storage Stud sharing loads of educational content. 


Fernando Angelucci: Grew up with parents who wanted him to have the American dream. At 16 he read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robery Kyosaki and decided then that he wanted to invest in real estate. He received his degree in engineering from the University of Illinois but only lasted in his corporate position for 13 months before jumping into real estate full time. 




  • Who is Fernando Angelucci and how did he get started in real estate 
  • How he acquired 150 million dollars in self storage assets 
  • Going from corporate to full time in real estate 
  • How he began his career with residential wholesaling 
  • Why he started selling his assets in 2016 
  • Why self storage was the perfect investment 
  • Avoiding the 3T’s 
  • Purchasing his first self storage unit in 2018 
  • Prioritize your education 
  • How to educate the market 
  • Why we educate to dominate 
  • How to lead with contribution 
  • They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan
  • Be a thought leader 
  • How to attract joint venture partners 
  • Why you need a team to fill the holes 
  • The transition into commercial real estate 
  • Building a self storage development from the ground up 
  • What is big box storage 
  • Why you need an online presence 
  • What does it mean to consolidate in this market 
  • Follow the rules of your pool 
  • How are interest rates affecting the self storage market 


Listen now and find out how Fernando found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Fernando here: 


Websites SelfStorageSyndicatedEquities.com and ImpactSelfStorage.com

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Phone Number 630-408-8090