#144: Anessia Goss-Solving the Issues of Tenant Management

“When almost 53% of renters are paying more than 30% of their income on rent, they’re not in the position to come up with thousands of dollars every year to move.” –Anessia Goss


Today I am interviewing Anessia Goss who is an Investor, Property Owner and Short Term Rental Host now working in insurance. What’s unique about this interview is that we focus on two products designed to create solutions for both the tenant and the landlord. I met Anessia at my FIBI Pasadena meeting and was really curious about Aster National, which provides security deposit insurance and Lease Protector, a lease management software.  As a property owner myself, I think these products would tremendously benefit the mom and pop landlords as well as the landlords that hold many doors. Lease Protector is currently in its beta stage, but they are looking for 100 beta testers and are offering an incredible deal to Real Estate Breakthrough Listeners. 


Here is something interesting Anessia shares with us: 


“The most significant part of this is that government agencies are getting involved and writing legislation. In Cincinnati and Atlanta, they have approved legislation geared to making it more cost effective for renters to move into a new property. There is a movement called Renter’s Choice that is spearheading this change. Atlanta and Cincinnati are requiring three options:


  • The deposit be between 50 and 60% of one month’s rent
  • The deposit be spread out over a period of time – 3 months and 6 months
  • Use an alternative to a security deposit such as a bond or insurance.”




  • What is security deposit insurance and how does it work 
  • How the new tenant rights and ordinances will affect the future 
  • The financial burden of security deposits on tenants
  • Security deposit insurance and its benefits 
  • What do investors need
  • Tenants should have the capacity to move 
  • What is a bond and how does it differ from a security deposit
  • How will property owners benefit 
  • How will this increase your NOI
  • Why you need to know the rules for collecting and storing securing deposits
  • What is Lease Protector 
  • How does accounting contribute to the success or failure of your company 

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Find out more about Aster National and Lease Protector here: 


Website LeaseProtector.com

Website AsterNational.com

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