#145: Chad Zendek- Shifting Markets & the Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Real Estate Investor

“It took almost 11 years to get back to our 40 year average on housing stocks and we have a such a low supply that still needs to be built, but it’s going to take a long time to get there.” -Chad Zendek

Today I am interviewing Chad Zendek who is the CEO of CSQ Properties. He is a licensed General Contractor and Registered Professional Engineer. CSQ Properties manages, acquires and repositions multifamily properties throughout the United States. He is the former CEO of Mobile Illuminations which he created alongside his siblings. Chad has presented at my FIBI Pasadena Multi Family meeting and has a Youtunbe channel where he does amazing interviews and shares valuable information about real estate investing. 


Chad Zendek: Was born and raised in Los Angeles which gave him a first hand look at the southern CA real estate market. At a young age he worked construction, but leaped into engineering because of the lack of education in the construction field. He began his career in Structural Engineering for Boeing working on the space shuttles main engines before becoming CEO of Mobile Illuminations. Chad received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Loyola Marymount University, Master’s of Science degree in Structural Engineering from USC, and MBA from UCLA.




  • How did Chad get involved in real estate 
  • How did construction play a role in his real estate career
  • The relationship between being an entrepreneur and real estate
  • The importance of having control over your time
  • You can treat real estate like another business 
  • What is CSQ Properties and what do they do 
  • What do wealthy people value 
  • Freedom is the goal 
  • Why you need to know your market 
  • What have been the benefits of investing in Long Beach vs investing in the city of Los Angeles
  • How do politics affect the market 
  • What are caring cost and why do they get passed on to the tenants 
  • Is it difficult to invest in the city of Los Angeles
  • Equity vs cash flow 
  • Why is the Phoenix, AZ market successful 
  • How has migration affected major markets 
  • What will happen to cap rates
  • What should out of state investors know about investing in Los Angeles
  • How has re trading been altered and perceived now
  • Is inflation eating up cash 
  • Why are C class buildings not being built 
  • Upward pricing pressure, what does it mean 


Listen now and find out how Chad found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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