#146: Ellis Hammond- Value Creates Wealth

“We all have money baggage, rather we observe that from someone else or we were taught that from other people.”  -Ellis Hammond


Today I am interviewing Ellis Hammond, he is the head of investor relations and Co-Founder for Symphony Capital Group, a firm that focuses on managing, funding and finding real estate properties. Ellis was a college Pastor who decided to use his gift of fundraising to help people build wealth. He has a Youtube channel that focuses on helping people become better investors and in 2020 he was named Multi-Family Investor of the year. 




  • What is Symphony Capital Group 
  • Why do we get complicated about money 
  • Money vs abundance 
  • Why did Ellis change his mission 
  • How does money affect people 
  • What is money baggage 
  • Financial education is key 
  • How does the middle class view history 
  • Are we serving money or fear
  • Live for your greater purpose 
  • People are not dreaming big enough 
  • How do we serve our communities 
  • You can be a good person and make money 
  • What is your ideal property 
  • Wealth is built on providing value 
  • What are quality tenants 
  • Short term rentals vs tenants 
  • The pros of short term rentals 
  • What does it mean to raise capital 
  • Know, like and trust 
  • Content gets the message out 
  • The changing economy 


Listen now and find out how Ellis found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Ellis here: 


Website SymphonyCapitalGroup.com

Facebook Group Kingdom Real Estate Investors