#147: J. Scott- The Economy, the Operators & the Vision

“Real Estate, especially when you’re talking about large investments, is a business and it’s just as much a business as anything else.” J. Scott


Today I am interviewing J. Scott who is an Investor, Entrepreneur, and Advisor and he is also a Partner at Bar Down Investments. He has held, sold, rehabbed, bought and syndicated over 150 million in properties around the United States.  He is the co-host of the BiggerPockets Business podcast and has authored 4 books, one of which is a best seller titled “The Book on Flipping Houses.”  


Scott: Was working in technology as an engineer before he and his wife decided to quit their jobs and invest in real estate full time in 2008. In a 9 year time span they flipped 450 properties before switching to investing in multi-family. 




  • What natural talents help with your investing world
  • How to focus on the business 
  • Scaling your real estate business as a CEO
  • What is Bar Down investments
  • How do you focus on the back end of a deal 
  • What do the Operators do
  • Why you should focus on operators and asset management 
  • What are value add properties 
  • The pros of short term properties 
  • Always hire a great management team 
  • How do you value your team 
  • Flipping vs multi-family 
  • Why real estate is more complicated than it looks 
  • How do you carry out a plan after closing 
  • America’s past recessions tell a story 
  • What made 2008 different from the others
  • Did real estate cause the 2008 down turn 
  • How will the interest rate increase effect real estate 
  • What is an exploding economy 
  • The complexities of partnerships 
  • Watch the sub cycles of a market


Listen now and find out how J. found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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