#148: Phillip Vincent- Leading with Empathy

“If you understand how to angle yourself to be the tool they need for their business, that’s how you build meaningful relationships.” 

-Phillip Vincent 


Phillip Vincent is the CO Founder of Moms House, a senior living real estate niche that helps families transition their loved ones into senior living while also helping them sell their property. The Mom’s House Senior Transition Specialist nationwide network is a program designed and dedicated to training professionals on the financial and emotional stresses of senior transitional living. So far they have helped transition hundreds of families and homes nationwide. Moms House is known to lead with love and kindness above all. 


Phillip Vincent: Started his real estate career 22 years ago as a developer and home builder. During that time he began purchasing homes from people who were seniors. Since then he and his team have been helping families all over America. He has 2 sons and spends his free time with his family and volunteering at charities like Brace and IMPACT 46. 




  • What is Mom’s House 
  • Why did they name the company Mom’s House 
  • How to design an easy home selling process
  • How Phillip got started in real estate 
  • Using the cost vs value guide 
  • What are the emotional and physical stresses of senior transitional living 
  • How do they find their clients 
  • Why is real estate a marketing business 
  • What about using direct mail 
  • What is the senior living sales process 
  • The entrepreneur vs the investor 
  • How do seniors feel about investors 
  • Why is empathy training important 
  • This is a hugs and kisses business 
  • How to work with the right investors 
  • Why you should care about what you do 
  • How to lead with empathy 
  • Real estate is a 12 trillion dollar business
  • What is lifetime value 
  • Do you know your options 
  • Who should you be building relationships with 
  • Knowing the tax advantages of real estate 
  • Get The Fulfillment Formula Book by Phillip Vincent my emailing him at info@momshouse.com


Listen now and find out how Phillip found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Phillip  here: 


Website MomsHouse.com

Email info@momshouse.com