#149: Deborah Razo- Is Puerto Rico an Opportunity Zone?

“Wherever you’re going to be investing, there’s going to be a different tempo and it’s not about imposing my tempo onto a culture, but learning to work with the culture.- Deborah Razo 


Today I am interviewing my long time friend and fellow investor Deborah Razo. For 20 years she ran a successful design firm and in 2020 pivoted to running a successful rehabbing business in southern California.  She is the founder of WREN (Womens Real Estate Network) which has national chapters and supports women on their real estate journeys. She was named Women to Watch by Think Realty and elected to be on their Women’s issue in March of 2020.  She has presented numerous times at my FIBI Pasadena meeting and holds an annual event called Ignite Your Fire Within. 


Deborah Razo: Began investing by purchasing foreclosures in Memphis and started shortly after acquiring multi-family properties.  She has done several million dollar deals and now holds over 5 million dollars in real estate. She works as a Trainer for Tony Robbins and has completed intensive workshops like the Rich Dad Advisors and The Real Estate Radio Guy. She has a business degree and has done graduate work at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.




  • What is like investing in a US territory 
  • Why would you invest in Puerto Rico 
  • Is is hard to cash flow in Los Angeles 
  • What is your risk tolerance 
  • How do you run a team from a distance 
  • You have to learn how to build relationships over the phone 
  • How to invest based on the environment 
  • What are the government incentives for investors coming to Puerto Rico 
  • What is the entrepreneur spirit 
  • Investpr.org 
  • What are the growing industries there
  • Why Puerto Rico is an opportunity zone 


Listen now and find out how Deborah found her Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Deborah here: 


Website DeborahRazo.com or WrenInspires.com