#150: Brett Swarts- The 8 Freedoms of Deferred Sales Tax

“What you really want to focus on in real estate ideally is borrowing at a lower interest rate than your actual cash on cash return.”  -Brett Swarts


Today I am interviewing Brett Swarts. He is the Founder and CEO of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, which is a national Deferred SalesTrust Trustee firm. Brett and his team together have over 20 years of real estate investing experience as well as 13 years of deferred sales tax experience helping many people and businesses achieve their financial goals. He has been a guest speaker on many other platforms and has a Youtube channel dedicated to the education of capital gains tax. He is also the author of Building a Tax Deferred Exit Strategy


Brett Swarts: Is also a multi family broker and investment real estate expert. He holds two Bachelors of Science degrees and was an athlete in college. He is a father of 5 and an avid reader of the bible. 



  • What is Capital Gains Tax Solutions
  • What are the 8 freedoms of deferred sales tax
  • What are the timelines of a 1031 exchange 
  • How does it respond to the market 
  • The importance of optimal timing for wealth freedom building 
  • Would you give up ownership for a promissory note
  • How do you build wealth at ownership 
  • What about IRA’s
  • The importance of liquidity, diversification and being out of debt
  • How do you trust the trustee 
  • How do you manage a deal for a deferred sales tax
  • What is my gain, what is my tax and what am I trying to accomplish 
  • What do you do for retirement 
  • What is an active investment house 
  • Who is the tax code made for
  • How to use your gifts to serve others 
  • What is your bigger purpose


Listen now and find out how Brett found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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