#151: David Coe- Why Investing In Los Angeles is Still Worth It

“Los Angeles is the top 5th economy in the world and a part of which makes the economy so diverse is because it’s diverse.” -David Coe


Today I am interviewing my long time friend, fellow investor, realtor and developer David Coe. He is the Founder of Coe Real Estate Group which specializes in construction in the Los Angeles area. He is also a Partner with Capital Stack Investments alongside Bryan Miller, which specializes in short and long term residential new construction. He is the chapter leader for FIBI (For Investors By Investors) South Bay and is also on the top Keller Williams teams for residential sales in the South Bay. He has presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting many times over the years. 


David Coe: Started off in real estate in fixes and flips. Like many new inventors he started attending real estate meetings, but quickly was turned off by the constant sales pitching. Someone told him about a no sales meeting called For Investors By Investors which was founded by Jeremey Roll. There he heard Bruce Norris speak for the first time and met other amazing investors like Christina Suter. Years later he is not a FIBI Chapter leader. 




  • What is Coe Real Estate Group 
  • It’s about your network and your education 
  • Why being active in both is important 
  • Sales vs no sales meetings 
  • Trust the people you are building with  
  • How do you expand as a professional 
  • What are the pros of investing in Los Angeles 
  • The diverse economics of LA and what makes it a powerhouse
  • What industries are moving to LA 
  • Blue collar vs white collar 
  • Are people leaving or coming 
  • The U Haul study 
  • LA has a housing shortage 
  • How to navigate the regulations of tenant laws
  • Why do people remain in Los Angeles 
  • Asset diversification
  • What is Capital Stack Investments and how do they raise capital and structure deals
  • How ADU’s increase your NOI
  • The time consumption of larger projects 
  • Always buy right 
  • Is LA rent control fair 
  • The personalities that create the perfect team 

Listen now and find out how David found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about David here: 


Website CoeREGroup.com or CapitalStackInvestments.com

Email David@coeregroup.com