#153: Robert Fragoso- The Cost of Time in Real Estate

“If you’re trying to scale a business of volume, it gets much easier with the right systems in place, but the systems have to continually change.” -Robert Fargoso


Today I am interviewing Robert Fragoso. For 17 years he served as the Executive Vice President of Anchor Loans, one of the country’s largest hard money companies. In 2014 Robert departed from Anchor Loans and used his industry knowledge, experience  and network to help others create opportunities in the real estate business. He now partners with investors and agents as a coach and mentor educating them on flipping. He has been involved in over 10,000 transactions and has helped 1,000s of investors increase their yields and expand their business. Robert presented at my FIBI Pasadena Multi-Family meeting. 


Robert Fargoso: Was raised in Hollywood and was introduced to real estate at a young age by his parents who self managed an apartment building. At 17 he was introduced to a real estate investor who became his mentor and within a month he was finding deals. From there, his story expands in real estate to  flipping, syndicating apartment buildings in Long Beach on old military property, assisting non profit organizations with home repairs, owning a construction company and so much more.




  • How did Christina and Robert meet 
  • Why are systems so important, but why must they change 
  • The difficulties of flipping 
  • Should you pass on a deal or wholesale it
  • What should you avoid 
  • How to define clarity and accountability
  • How does schedule management effect the project 
  • There is a time cost in real estate 
  • The necessity for coordination
  • Where else can supplies be purchased 
  • How can you manage permitting 
  • Are you operating like a CEO
  • The importance of employee appreciation 
  • Automate it if you can 
  • Why taking losses is a part of business 
  • The upcoming fixer market 

Listen now and find out how Robert found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Website RobertFargoso.com

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