#155: Christina Suter- Overview of You

Real estate is such a diverse field that the way you participate in real estate, the way you start in real estate can be based upon your natural talent.”-Christina Suter


Today I am talking about your education and the overview of you. The biggest thing you need to cultivate in real estate is yourself. Knowing who you are and what you do or don’t like doing will help you reach your goals in investing in real estate. Your personality plays a major role in how you go about handling yourself in investing. Those four things are your risk tolerance, sleep factor, natural talents and control. Know your risk tolerance so you know how far to go with investing, know how much cash in or out you need in order to get a good night rest, find out if your natural talents are more related to people or business and lastly, do you need to have control over your investments? I encourage you to ask yourself these very vital questions to help bring you even more clarity whether you’re a current investor or thinking of investing in the future. 


Topics Covered in this episode: 


  • How the education about yourself just as important as education on a particular topic
  • What lights you up 
  • Are you willing to engage in risk 
  • What is your risk tolerance & know what that is
  • Information, education, experience 
  • What is your sleep factor 
  • You and Investing Part 1
  • How to use your natural talents in real estate investing 
  • Don’t violate your instinct 

Listen now and find out how Marioo found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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