#156: Kevin Oliver- Building an Empire Through Spheres of Influence

“The size and strength of your network will directly determine how many deals you can do and how fast you can make money.” 

-Kevin Oliver


Today I am interviewing Kevin Oliver who I have known for 10+ years. He is a Broker and Investor in Bakersfield, CA and has 15+ years of experience as an investor, wholesaler and educator. He has recently been appointed as President and Chair of the Kern County Civil Service Commissions. He is a licensed realtor and in 2008 he received the International Hall of Fame award from (Rich Dad education). He currently invests in transitional housing. He has presented at large conferences and real estate events around the country. Kevin has also presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting numerous times and is featured on various podcasts and real estate shows. 


Kevin Oliver: Received his masters in Computer Science from George Washington University. He is the Director and Chapter Leader for FIBI Bakersfield which is the largest real estate meeting in the area while also serving on the Executive Board of Directors for Real Estate Investors Group (REI Group). He has been a part of 1000+ projects and is Founder of Oliver Associates and Real Estate Team. 




  • What does it mean to build an empire 

  • How Kevin was able to build his network to thrive as an investor 

  • Why you need people to bring you business 

  • What happens after you are in the deal 

  • As an investor you have to work with partners 

  • How can vendors bring you business 

  • How do collaborations form 

  • You cannot do real estate by yourself 

  • Who you know also knows others 

  • Consult with your mentors 

  • Benefits of being involved in political sectors 

  • How do you let people know what you do

  • How to network with community leaders

  • Be seen as an expert in your industry 

  • Get involved with charities

  • Kevin’s journey to becoming President of the Kern County Civil Service Commission

  • Volunteer your time and be willing to participate 



Listen now and find out how Kevin found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Kevin here: 


Website YourRealtor.us

Phone 661-808-3444

Email kevinoliver.realtor@gmail.com