#157: Carmine Sabatella- Designing an Environment that Works with Your People

“If you study and get to know the community you’re building in, the culture, the people who live in the community and what they are interested in, you have the power and can do whatever you want with design.” -Carmine Sabatella


Today I am super excited to interview my friend and associate Carmine Sabatella. He is a design extraordinaire who has worked with me on past projects and flips. He is a Real Estate Agent, Flipper and owner of the companies  CSDomains and The Sabatella Group.  CS Domains specializes in restoration and renovation of old historic homes. He is the host of the hit TV show Inside Out on HGTV which is currently in its second season. He is a renowned designer who has transpired the lives and businesses of many people and clients. He is a speaker, educator, host and has presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting early 2023. 


Carmine Sabatella: Successfully worked in the restaurant business before existing and switching to a career in real estate. With a background in interior design and landscape architecture, which was his hobby for 20 years, he dove head first into residential home design in 2015. His love for design has led him into rehabbing architecturally preserved homes from the 1800’s to the 1960’s. His work ethic, expertise and integrity has named him in the top 1% of the Compass network and rated amongst the top Producers in the Pasadena Office. 



  • How Carmine transitioned from the restaurant business to real estate 

  • How to surrender into a new career path 

  • Can you create your own environment 

  • The pros of social media

  • How Carmie manages and uses his social media platforms 

  • How does social media engage success 

  • Why you should brand your content for consistency 

  • How to maintain recognition 

  • The importance of sharing valuable information 

  • What it means to work with your people 

  • How to strengthen your relationships 

  • How Carmine and Christina worked together and found solutions 

  • Design do’s and don’ts 

  • Where should your money really go and working with a tight budget 

  • What elevates the project 

  • Are we in a stabilized market 

  • What is the value of clear integrity 

  • How to maintain your standards 

  • Know your demographic 

  • Taming your ego is important in this business 

  • Why you should always be learning 


Listen now and find out how Carmine found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Carmine  here: 


Website CarmineSabatella.com

Instagram @RealDesignCarmine