#158: Powell Chee- A New Model to Self Storage

“There are people on the team who are better than you at something and can provide that value and make the property run even better.” Powell Chee


Today I am interviewing Powell Chee. He is the Managing Partner of Radiant Storage which just acquired a 350 unit self storage property outside of Birmingham Alabama. His background is in multifamily investing as a general partner with over 1,000 units spread across the United States. For the past three years, Powell shifted his focus from multi family to self storage. He has presented at my FIBI Real Estate Multi Family meeting and has been featured on many different platforms and podcasts. 


Powell Chee: Purchased his first property in 2017 in Indianapolis Indiana and has since became a partner in acquiring over 1,000 units and counting. During the pandemic Powell began investing in storage units with his company Radiant Storage. He has two masters degrees and received the President’s Circle Award for a Fortune 500 company. 




  • How Powell just acquired a storage unit in Alabama

  • Powell’s background in multi family investing 

  • What to look for when investing in self storage 

  • Multifamily value add vs self storage value add’s

  • How do you run your business effectively 

  • What is the traditional model of self storage and how does the new model compare 

  • How to cut expenses 

  • How do you managed an automated site 

  • The pros of investing in self storage over multi family 

  • How Powell manages his capex items 

  • Marketing to new  self storage renters

  • Raising capital 

  • Learn what you’re good at and find partners for expansion 

  • How to achieve financial freedom 


Listen now and find out how Powell found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Powell here: 


LinkedIn Powell Chee

Email invest@radiantstorage.com

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