#159: Thomas Chappell- Develop an Authentic Rapport

“I had to come into the mindset that fear doesn’t exist and that’s why I tell people don’t use the words try, hope and fear because those words kill you because we are our own worst critics. “- Thomas Chappell  


Today I am interviewing Thomas Chappell. He is an investor, flipper and the Founder of the Black Inland Empire Real Estate Investment Club. He has been in real estate for 10 years and for the past few years he has been working on educating the local community by hosting monthly events in which I have presented in the past. Thomas is in the process of creating a real estate show and other real estate related ventures in the near future. His meeting is held the third wednesday of every month and I’ll be presenting on April 19, 2023


Thomas Chappell: Started his investing career by finding mentors and then getting into wholesaling. He knew he needed to turn his life around when he became a single father and that’s when real estate became a part of his life. His first mentors Andy Teasley along with Stephen McKee and a few others, were the catalyst for the start of his real estate career. 




  • How Thomas found his way into real estate 

  • Using real estate as a vehicle for being a present parent 

  • Andy Teasley 

  • The difference between wholesaling and flipping 

  • Leading with friendliness and confidence 

  • Letting go of the past to move forward 

  • Stephen Mckee

  • Why Thomas started the Black Inland Empire Real Estate Investment Club 

  • Solidifying your being with emotional and mental awareness 

  • How to use defeats to move forward 

  • Practicing the art of talking to people 

  • Perceptions and auras 

  • How to find direction 

  • The deep importance of having mentors 

  • How becoming a best seller attracts an audience 

  • How does integrity show up daily and what to do with it 

  • Keeping your brand, community, and investors complete with accountability 

  •  Interlocking and growing with your network 

  • Why assets make you rich and not money 

  • Options and freedom

  • What are your monetary needs 

  • What is a true legacy and what does it entail 

  • Christina presenting at BIEREIC April 2023

  • Building a business around what you love 

  • Why one income no longer fits the bill 


Listen now and find out how Thomas found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Thomas here: 


Phone (404) 844-1828

Email ThomasChappell33@yahoo.com

Website BIEREIC.com