#160: Christina Suter – My Personal Story & My Why

“Do what you need to do so that you move your mindset from Im exhausted to I can make a difference and I can choose.”

 -Christina Suter


Today is going to be a unique and special show because I will be focusing on mindset both yours and mine and talking about my own personal story and how I found my why. In this episode I reveal some childhood stories both negative and positive that have given me a deeper meaning into why I became an investor and how that has contributed to my relationship with my daughter. Real estate investing has been the vehicle that has allowed me to find clarity and solidify my purpose so that I did not repeat the cycles I witnessed growing up. It has given me the necessary foundation to be a supportive and available mother in addition to fulfilling my purpose of helping others to discover their purpose. 



  • What’s my why 

  • How Christina’s childhood shaped the definition of her purpose 

  • Facing the uncertainties of real estate and how that relates to life

  • How the flexibility of real estate fulfills Christina’s purpose 

  • Do you know your why 

  • How being diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD altered Christina’s confidence and sense of self worth 

  • Why considering yourself damaged is still no excuse to not show up

  • What are the benefits of personal growth work 

  • Why investing in your mindset and personal growth is the first step towards financial freedom 

  • No matter what, you have to keep moving forward 


Listen now and find out how Christina found her Real Estate Breakthrough!


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