#161: Glenn Hanson- Why Real Estate Outperforms All Other Asset Classes

“The stock market is volatile and real estate in the multifamily space is not. Therefore it outperforms all other asset classes.”  – Glenn Hanson


Today I am interviewing Glenn Hanson. He is the Founder and CEO of Colony Hills Capital, which is a privately held real estate investment firm with a focus on secondary market value-add multifamily apartments. Glenn has over 30 years of creative entrepreneurial experience in the multifamily world and is also the Co-Founder of angel investment group River Valley Investors. 


Glenn Hanson: Out of high school, alongside his brother, worked at a machine tool company which they eventually purchased in 1991. Not knowing how to manage money, they hired professionals to invest their wealth into the stock market which did not end well. Eventually that catapulted him into money management and creating an angel investment group and investing in real estate. 



  • How did Glenn begin investing in multifamily real estate 

  • The pros of multifamily investing 

  • Is real estate a better investment than stocks

  • Not losing capital in real estate 

  • The consistency of real estate 

  • Does real estate outperform other asset classes 

  • What businesses make money and what businesses don’t 

  • Why Glenn solely focuses on real estate

  • Is real estate a safe haven 

  • What does Colony Hills Capital do 

  • Stephen Covey-  7 Habits of Highly Effective People 

  •  Managing properties from afar 

  • Is there potential in the midwest

  • The importance of protecting your investors 

  • Invest in your employees

  • What is the people side of the business 

  • What is value beyond the dollar 

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 

  • Real estate requires trust, stocks don’t


Listen now and find out how Glenn found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Glenn here: 


Website ColonyHillsCapital.com

Email glenn.hanson@colonyhillscapital.com