#162: Ted Greene- Equities, Real Estate & The Economy

 “My bias would be we’re headed into a recession and that’s likely to be an earnings contraction in corporate America and that is going to happen in commercial real estate as well.” – Ted Greene


Today I am interviewing Ted Greene. He is the Investor Relations Manager at Spartan Investment Group who focuses on acquiring commercial real estate assets. Ted transitioned from equities to real estate after working in the field as a Fiduciary and Investment Advisor.  I spoke with Ted at the Best Ever Conference and knew right then that I wanted him to join me on the podcast. I have in the past interviewed Scott Lewis, the CEO & Founder of Spartan a well as the President CIO & Co Founder Ryan Gibson who presented at FIBI Pasadena. 


Ted Greene: Started in the financial industry right out of college with Merrill & Lynch and after 24 years in the industry he ended that part of his career as a portfolio manager chief compliance officer. 



  • What is an equity investment 

  • Follow the economy 

  • How do large banks become at risk 

  • The story of Robert Citron 

  • The yield curve is inverted, what does this mean 

  • What happened with Silicon Valley Bank 

  • How low tenancy is affecting businesses and banking 

  • When do the Fed rate increases take full effect

  • What is the treasury doing 

  • Recession trends 

  • Why the US government is lowering credit quality 

  • Understand the risk 

  • The mature investor vs the young investor and what they focus on 

  • The real question is how badly can I get hurt

  • What is a PE ratio and how does it apply to earnings 

  • Is there a contraction in commercial real estate 

  • Are they trying to control hyperinflation 

  • What happened between 1977 and 1982

  • Equities vs real estate, which is the better investment vehicle 

  • What are the asset types that benefit from turmoil 

  • Internal rate of return and equity multiple, look this up

  • The chain of payouts, who gets paid first 

  • What are the counter cyclical investments that perform well 

  • Why are bonds not a safe haven 

  • The Conference Board

Listen now and find out how Ted found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Ted here: 


Website Spartan-Investors.com

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Email Ted@spartan-investors.com